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A novel approach for full-body trampoline interaction.

The goal of the research project “TrampTroller” is to create a prototype for a trampoline controller, a trampoline which measures the user’s bounce and outputs it as a value to be used in various media. We think that a trampoline could be a fun way to interact with e.g. video games. To find out if users enjoy using this, we conducted a user study, where we have users test the system in various applications and then ask them questions about their experience.

Interaction Engineering is a course by Prof. Dr. Michael Kipp at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

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Reportheld Explainer Video

Creation of an explainer video for GroupXS Solutions GmbH.

In the video we show how Reportheld makes workflows for field staff faster, more convenient, and safer, and how Reportheld adapts to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Smart Mobile Collaboration with Reportheld, the Better Business App.

Analog synthesizer workshop

We created practical sound effects for a film sequence with original Doepfer synthesizers.

We studied the basics of audible vibrations and learned how to synthesize them using analogue sound synthesis. For this purpose, we developed practical different types of synthesis and the functionality of an analog synthesizer. We explored basslines, lead synths, effects, percussion and noise. We structured our sounds in time and learned the basics of sequencers.

Jerkwater Town

Supporting the feature film “Jerkwater Town” as director of photography.

Hansi needs to rob his former home, the old shabby village ‚Jerkwater Town‘ – much to the dislike of leader Fritz… Go behind the scenes of the film Jerkwater Town and get an exclusive look on the making of this post-apocalyptic project starring Marshall Titus. I did not film the making-of, my role was Director of Photography in the main film which is currently screened on variouse Festivals.

360° VR for Cinema 4D — Out now!

360° VR for Cinema 4D is available here:

Finally create 360 virtual reality video for Facebook, Youtube, Google Cardboard, your website, etc. at your own. This is the first 360 virtual reality template ever. No plug-ins are needed in the basic Version. Choose between a regular version for basic virtual reality videos or the advanced version for more control.

3D Pioneers challenge — Pushing boundaries

As a finalist of the 3D Pioneers challenge i had the opportunity to present my bachelor thesis from June 20th till June 22th at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, Messe Erfurt.

Since 2015 the unique 3D Pioneers Challenge covers a range of verticals and is aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field of 3D printing and who understand the key trends in the industry. The Challenge seeks to uncover specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and -pushing boundaries.

High-profile partners like “Der Deutsche Designer Club“, “aed“, “Autodesk“, “designreport” or “Makerbot” to name a few, brought me there and were interested in a live demonstration of my work.

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Throwback to RAAM

Exactly one year ago we stopped at time station 6 and shot this.
Each time station marks a stage of the world’s thoughest bicycle race the Race Across America and offers catering and recreation to the racers. See the spirit of the people yourself in the video above.