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Guest lecturer and Workshop leader

A day about photography and film making for students of the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences.

From the basics of photography and film making to storytelling in social media marketing. This friday the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences had me as a guest lecturer and workshop leader. Exciting insights for the students, practically applied in a hands-on part.

Into the Sky – Making-of Impressions by Saal-Digital

A high-end photo book by Saal Digital

Photobooks are available in different quality and design. It is not uncommon for high-quality print products to take several days to weeks of production time.

In order to realize an appealing photo book in a time of only three working days, Saal Digital supported me. The book gives insights into the production of the movie “Into the Sky”. Since it is a 360° film, the images in the two-dimensional format are extremely flat and very long. Some photos go so over a complete double page. The lay-flat binding makes it possible that image content does not disappear in the binding, but that the book is to unfold flat.

Particularly good is the valence of the images by the glossy materiality, as well as the high grammage. There is also a hardcover cover that professionally finishes the product.

The digital photo book by Saal Digital allowed me to realize a professional product in a very short time, in an intuitive design process. So I could not only exhibit it in public, but will also be able to preserve it for many years in its original splendor.

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Bit’s & Pretzels

Three days networking, three days input. What an event.

Bits & Pretzels is an application-only, three-day festival that connects 5,000 founders, investors, startup enthusiasts, and all other decision-makers of the startup ecosystem.

Filming for DATEV

A series of recruitment films for DATEV.

Alarm ringed at 4:00AM. Just in time to catch the breathtaking sunrise above Nuremberg, Germany. For one day i followed the guys from the operational safety, documenting their everyday business.

Extend Your Radius

What is the potential of the an “extended” people’s radius when it happens to overlap with others during a dinner?

A projection mapping project realized for the FHNW Dreispitz Basel. Various animations were projected on round tables while people enjoyed a special dinner. More impressions on Instagram. Read more

360° Commercial for SkyClub Austria

How to experience all the beauty of the alps and the extremest air sports such as skydiving as immersive as possible?

For the solution me and my team went for five days into the sky capturing once in a lifetime experiences from point of view. We captured flights in the sunrise, above beautiful Hallstadt and the Hallstädter See, started from the top of the Dachstein glacier and flew artistic maneuvers, loopings and much more. All with heavy gear on our heads: The Kandao Obsidian R professional 360° camera, sponsored by INVR.Space.

As a result a 360° commercial for the international paragliding school SkyClub Austria as well as a short 360° documentary will be created.