Junior Lab 2016

Junior Lab happened from Tuesday until Saturday in the easter holidays. Each day had a morning slot from 9-13 with workshops.

The kids learned what coding is and how soldering works, got an impression on technical components and what they are good for. We were 2 of about 10 experienced mentors providing introductions and setting up challenges that the group worked on for the duration of the session. Saturday was presentation day. From 10-14 we were open to the public – in other words to friends, family, teachers, media, politicians, future partners, …

Designblick Werkschau 2015 des Textildesign-Studiengangs und des Mediendesign-Studiengangs der Hochschule Hof/Campus Münchberg.

Posted by Werkschau Designblick on Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

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