An interactive video experience for Carl Zeiss Meditec.

The company Zeiss gave us the possibility to promote their software FORUM in a creative way. We created a video in which the user has the possibility to decide about the video process.

This is not a normal video. It’s interactive and its shot in POV. You are going to see an eye doctor’s every day working life from his own perspective. To show the advantages of a digital, modern workflow using FORUM compared to an analog workflow we built decissions into the video. Decissions that have to be made by yourself. You can go the old stressful way and you’ll fail, or you go the easy, uncomplicated FORUM way. Try it yourself and you’ll understand why FORUM is the best eye care data management solution.

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This is an interactive video. It’s currently not available for mobile devices.


The Making of “Thank you, FORUM.”

The screenplay had more than 20 pages, shot on four days. We developed a special self-made camera-rig to achive the first person perspective. Here are some impressions.


Exhibition at Designblick

We also presented the interactive video experience to the public. It was great fun talking about our idea and the concept with visitors and to let them try our gesture control. We got amazing feedback so we decided to show our project in the „Designblick Cinema“ to a massive audience. The interactive video campagne was a huge success.




Amazing, you have scrolled all the way to the bottom. Here’s an easter egg:

The picture on the left shows the whole team including our actors. Click it to activate the making-of video of the scene where the printer explodes. Keep in mind, everything was shot in one single take without cuts. We tried to work as much as possible with practical effects as you can see in the breakdown.


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