A novel approach for full-body trampoline interaction.

The goal of the research project “TrampTroller” is to create a prototype for a trampoline controller, a trampoline which measures the user’s bounce and outputs it as a value to be used in various media. We think that a trampoline could be a fun way to interact with e.g. video games. To find out if users enjoy using this, we conducted a user study, where we have users test the system in various applications and then ask them questions about their experience.

Interaction Engineering is a course by Prof. Dr. Michael Kipp at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

In this interdisciplinary course, you will learn about fundamental concepts and current research trends in the area of human-computer interaction. The main goal of this course is to explore and implement future interaction techniques that use touch, gesture, facial and bodily actions to make the interaction more intuitive, enjoyable and efficient. To find a substantial research question, you will rely on work by the world’s top research groups (“standing on the shoulders of giants”). You will also get to know basic techniques to evaluate interactive systems objectively (measurable) and subjectively (user feedback).