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Spooky x Wagner x Sound

A Documentary about the exhibition in the Richard Wagner Museum.
The famous German composer Richard Wagner has been remixed by media design students. Performance artist Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky from New York City worked together with the students on their projects and also presented his Wagner remix in Bayreuth to the public. For more information visit

An update from Race Across America

The worlds’ toughest bicycle race.
We had a successful race and crossed more than 3.000 miles as the official media crew of our team! The route leaded us through California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, West Virginia, Merryland and many more states. 20 in total! And our cameras were running constantly. Here are some behind the scenes photos.

From New York to Bavaria

A first message from Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky.
Over the last weeks we corporated with DJ Spooky in the discipline Interactiondesign. Our project is going to be exhibited in the Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth. We’re also shooting a documentation about the exhibition in Bayreuth and our project.

Junior Lab 2016

Junior Lab happened from Tuesday until Saturday in the easter holidays. Each day had a morning slot from 9-13 with workshops.

The kids learned what coding is and how soldering works, got an impression on technical components and what they are good for. We were 2 of about 10 experienced mentors providing introductions and setting up challenges that the group worked on for the duration of the session. Saturday was presentation day. From 10-14 we were open to the public – in other words to friends, family, teachers, media, politicians, future partners, …

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Up the mountains

Shooting an image film for ski touring in Tirol.
The temperature below zero. Back bags packed with camera equipment. Ahead of us: The summit above 2000 meters. Together with my college we shot an image film for Tirol showing the breathtaking untouched nature of Austria as well as the beauty and challenge of going ski touring. Climbing to the top with our heavy gear was arduous exhausting but worth it. Everything was shot at 4K on the Sony FS7. Expect wonderful shots atop of Austria. Cooming soon on this page.